Bellingham Senior Activity Center HVAC Replacement

The BSAC provides services to the senior population in the community. This population is more susceptible to the deleterious effects of temperature extremes and poor air quality. In recent years, we have seen higher summer temperatures, lower winter temperatures, and longer periods of poor air quality due to summer wildfires. Members and stakeholders of the center have requested improved air conditioning and filtration at the center. Currently, multiple furnaces, of varying age, are utilized, on five independently controlled zones, to heat the BSAC. The facility is not air conditioned. There are is no air quality or air circulation systems to manage year-round air quality. 

The new system will provide an integrated air handling control system to manage heating, cooling, and air quality and circulation throughout the building. A variable refrigerant flow system with a combination of heat pumps and heat recovery systems, that would utilize existing ductwork, is being proposed. The final system design will be determined through the design process. 

2023 Project Updates
First Quarter Report