Point Roberts Drainage Study

Study Area Map

Map of Point Roberts, WA showing the area to be included in the drainage study.


Whatcom County is studying Point Roberts to assess existing and future drainage conditions and patterns. The study is necessary to: identify and understand drainage problem areas, develop planning-level solutions and cost estimates, and identify funding options. The study findings will be formalized into a Drainage Management Plan.

Project Benefits

The Drainage Management Plan will be used to develop future projects targeting identified drainage problems that will improve stormwater conveyance, reduce flooding, and protect water quality in Point Roberts.

Project Overview

Over the past several years, more drainage complaints have been reported in Point Roberts. Drainage is challenged by high water tables, seasonal flooding, low-lying areas that suffer upland and marine flooding, and possible influence by Canadian land development and maintenance practices along the border. To better understand these chronic drainage issues and challenges and how to manage them, Whatcom County will conduct a comprehensive drainage study of the entire Point Roberts area over the next 18 months. 

The study is divided into two phases: 

  • Phase 1: Initial Evaluation and Conclusions – Beginning June 2023, this phase involves collecting field data, public input, and hydrologic and hydraulic modeling to establish needs and capacities for main drainage routes through the area. This analysis will be used to identify drainage problems to which conceptual-level solutions and cost estimates can be developed. This process and initial findings will be compiled into a report and presented during a public meeting to garner local input.  
  • Phase 2: Develop Drainage Management Plan – Efforts from Phase 1, along with more detailed analysis and evaluation, will result in a drainage management plan: a prioritized and systematic action plan to solving stormwater problems in the area. This plan provides the County with critical planning information for improving drainage conveyance, reducing flooding, and protecting water quality in Point Roberts. It will be shared and presented publicly upon its completion. 

Public Survey

We are asking for your input as part of the Point Roberts Drainage Study. Anyone who lives in Point Roberts is encouraged to provide feedback on drainage issues on the Point. When responding, please only consider issues in Point Roberts, as highlighted in the map above. 

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