WCHCS Tire Recycling Event

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Whatcom County Health and Community Services is hosting a free tire recycling event for Whatcom County residents on Sunday, September 24 and Sunday, October 1 from 9:30 am - 4:30 pm at the Cedarville Dropbox and Recycling Center (3463 Cedarville Road, Bellingham).

Driving Directions: Follow Mt. Baker Highway to Cedarville Road near Nugent's Corner. Go north on Cedarville Road approximately 1/4 mile and turn left into the Cowden Ready Mix plant. The Transfer Station is straight through the Cowden plant and up the hill.

Who can bring tires, and what kind of tires are allowed?

This event is for Whatcom County residents only. The event will accept: 

  • Up to 20 tires per load.
  • Passenger vehicle or light truck tires (no tractor/large truck tires).
  • Tires from residential homes (no tires from businesses).
  • Rims.

Is there a cost?

No cost, the event is free.

If I have more than 20 tires how do I get rid of them?

Bring a load to both days of the recycling event, or take them to a tire shop such as Discount Tire, or to the dump on Slater Road and pay for disposal.

Can I bring my neighbor’s tires in my next truck load today?

Yes, with proof of another Whatcom County residence address on ID or a utility bill.

Are you going to do this anywhere else in the county?  

Since 2015, four similar tire drop-off events have recycled over 310 tons of tires from Whatcom County households. We will gather information over the coming year to help us plan other tire recycling events around the county.

How is the tire recycling program funded?

WA Department of Ecology administers a tire cleanup program funded by a $1.00 fee per tire collected at the point of sale for new tires. 

Does the county have to pay anything?

The Health Department and Public Works will pay for some labor and equipment costs.

Who manages the tires?

The tires are managed by a private contractor to WA Department of Ecology.

What happens to the tires?  Where do the tires go?  

Tire recycling and disposal is market driven, and landfilling sometimes occurs. Common reuse and recycling applications include:

  • Civil engineering applications 
    • Subgrade fill and embankments. 
    • Backfill for walls and bridge abutments. 
    • Subgrade insulation for roads. 
    • Playground surface material. 
    • Gravel substitute.
  • Ground rubber applications 
    • Ground cover under playground equipment.
    • Running track material.
    • Sports and playing fields.
  • Other ground rubber applications
    • Ground tire rubber blended with asphalt for road construction
    • Molded rubber products.
    • Brake pads and brake shoes.
    • Additive to injection molded and extruded plastics.
    • Automotive parts.
    • Agricultural and horticultural.


Waste tires (DOE)