Court Facilitators

What Facilitators Can Do

  • Court Facilitators help people without attorneys in Superior Court family law cases (Divorce, Modification of Child Support, Modification of Parenting Plan / Residential Schedule, Paternity, Relocation of Children Act and Emancipation to name a few)
  • Help identify which mandatory family law forms are needed
  • Review forms you've prepared for completeness
  • Help schedule court hearings
  • Explain court procedures
  • Make referrals to other agencies
Court Facilitators cannot give legal advice or provide legal representation.

What You Can Do to Start

What is Required by the Court

  • Papers must be checked before final hearings: For dissolution, legal separation, invalidity of marriage and non-parental custody cases, before final hearing may be scheduled before a Judicial Officer, the Facilitator and a Court Commissioner must check final documents for completeness.

Fees for Facilitator Services

  • Scheduled appointment: $20
  • Cash, Debit, or Credit, payable to County Clerk, 3rd Floor, prior to scheduling appointment
  • No fee waivers for appointment fee
  • Free services may be available elsewhere
  • $20 fee includes first appointment and (when applicable) final, follow-up appointment