Family Law Facilitators

What Facilitators Can Do

  • Court Facilitators help people without attorneys in Superior Court family law cases (Divorce, Modification of Child Support, Modification of Parenting Plan / Residential Schedule, Paternity, Relocation of Children Act and Emancipation to name a few)
  • Help identify which mandatory family law forms are needed
  • Review forms you've prepared for completeness
  • Help schedule court hearings
  • Explain court procedures
  • Make referrals to other agencies

Court Facilitators cannot give legal advice or provide legal representation.

What You Can Do to Start

What is Required by the Court

  • Final uncontested documents must be reviewed by the Facilitator prior to Judicial signature for the following cases: 1) Dissolution, 2) Legal Separation and 3) Invalidity of Marriage. Parties cannot be represented by an attorney to work with the Facilitator. The Facilitator must check final documents for completeness before they may be presented to a Judicial Officer for signature.

Fees for Facilitator Services

  • There are no in-person meetings
  • $20 fee per paperwork review 
  • Review may be done by either scanning and emailing forms to the Family Law Facilitator, or dropping off hard copies to the Court Clerk's office
  • Prior to review, payment should be made to County Clerk by phone - (360) 778-5560 - or in person on the 3rd Floor,  -  Cash, Debit, or Credit accepted
  • No fee waivers for document review
  • Once emailed documents have been reviewed by the Family Law Facilitator, they will be scanned and emailed back to the party. Parties who submit hard copies of documents will be notified via email or phone call when their documents are available to be picked up from the Clerk’s Office
  • Free services may be available elsewhere
  • There is still no fee for submitting final agreed upon orders for the following cases: 1) Divorce, 2) Legal Separation and 3) Invalidity of Marriage