ABC Recycling

Whatcom County Planning and Development Services received a Pre-application meeting request for a metal processing facility on Marine Drive on Monday 10/23/23. Pre-application meetings are the first step in the development application process.  The purpose is to provide a prospective applicant consultation and input regarding allowed uses, development standards, and the process applicable to a proposal prior to formal application submittal. PDS will work to schedule a pre-application meeting with the applicant within the next 30 days. 

 In addition, on Tuesday October 24th, PDS received project permit applications and associated materials including land-use and building permit applications for the proposed metal processing facility.  The County will diligently review the submittal documents, but no determination has been made at this time regarding application completeness or vesting of those applications to existing development regulations.

  1. Pre-Application Documents

Whatcom County has received four commercial building permits, a major project permit application, a land fill and grade permit, a site plan review application and a SEPA Environmental Checklist. Pursuant to WCC 22.05.050(2), the applications are accepted as of the stamped date of receipt; however, receipt of an application does not constitute vesting or approval of a project permit. Determining application completeness will be the first step of the permitting process. As additional information becomes available, Whatcom County will provide additional information on the website.

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  1. Submitted Applications
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