Forestry Advisory Committee


The Forestry Advisory Committee provides review and recommendations to the Whatcom County Council on issues that affect the forestry industry. The Forestry Advisory Committee also provides a forum for all sectors of the forestry community to contribute to discussions on the future of forestry in Whatcom County.


  • Regular meetings are generally held from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the 1st Tuesday of the month. Special meetings may be scheduled as necessary.
  • Meetings are currently held remotely via Zoom and in person. See meeting agendas for Zoom link.


The Forestry Advisory Committee has 11 members.  Ten members are appointed by the County Council and one represents the Department of Natural Resources:

  • David New, Small Forest Landowner
  • Holly Koon, Small Forest Landowner
  • John Gold, Commercial Forest Landowner or qualified designee 
  • David Janicki, Commercial Forest Landowner or qualified designee
  • Matt McGee, Harvester
  • Quentin Dills, Harvester
  • Jed Dawson, Citizen with Forestry Expertise
  • Tracy Petroske, Citizen with Forestry Expertise
  • Susan David, Forest Products Manufacturer
  • Aubrey Stargell, Forest Products Manufacturer
  • Cory McDonald, Department of Natural Resources


There are 10 Council-appointed members of the Forestry Advisory Committee including 2 representatives from each of the following categories

  • Citizen with forestry expertise
  • Commercial forest landowner
  • Forest product manufacturer
  • Harvester
  • Small forest landowner


Term Information

    • 4-year terms, 2 term limit, 1 year separation required before commencing another 2 full terms


The Forestry Advisory Committee reports directly to the County Council or other appropriate advisory boards, commissions, and committees as necessary to carry out the following functions:

  1. Review and provide recommendations on zoning issues, comprehensive plans, subarea plans, regulation and annexation issues, and other proposals which directly affect lands or forestry activities in or adjacent to forest land.
  2. Establish, promote, and implement a comprehensive forestry protection and preservation program.
  3. Analyze and develop recommendations that will assist the county in addressing issues which affect forestry at the county, regional, state, and federal levels.
  4. Assist, upon request of the Director of Planning and Development Services, that department by providing review and comment on comprehensive planning and zoning related issues in or adjacent to forest land.