Housing Authority of Whatcom County

Purpose, Mission, Vision

The Bellingham Housing Authority (BHA) and the Whatcom County Housing Authority (BWCHA) work together to provide needed housing in our community. They serve low-income families, elderly people, those with disabilities and working families in need of affordable housing in Whatcom County.

Mission: to offer opportunities for people to thrive by ensuring access to quality, affordable homes in Bellingham and Whatcom County.
Vision:  Our vision is that every person in Bellingham and Whatcom County has the opportunity to live in a safe, secure, affordable home.

Both Whatcom County and City of Bellingham make appointments to this joint board.  For more information on Bellingham Housing Authority activities, go to their website.


The Housing Authority of Whatcom County has 5 members:

  • Valerie Billmire
  • Dave Finet
  • Stephen Gockley
  • Terry Bornemann
  • Alana Pattermann


No commissioner may be an officer or employee of the county for which the authority is created. Members must be residents of Whatcom County.

Vacancies - None

Term Limit

  • 2 consecutive full terms

Term Length

  • 5 year term