Parenting Coordinator Program

The Parenting Coordinator Program is a voluntary child-focused dispute resolution process that is designed to assist parents to resolve their parenting disputes without court intervention. With the parents’ agreement, the Court will appoint a qualified professional from the Parenting Coordinator Registry to act as the Parenting Coordinator in their case for a specified period of time.

The Parenting Coordinator may make decisions resolving disputes between the parents regarding children that do not affect the Court’s exclusive jurisdiction to determine fundamental issues of residential time and placement.

The program has been adopted in a number of jurisdictions. It provides parents an expeditious way to resolve “emergency” disputes, while saving courtroom time for other substantive matters.

The Parenting Coordinator will have the authority to negotiate, decide or recommend solutions for specific disputes, but cannot make substantive changes in an existing Parenting Plan. The ultimate goal is to help parents resolve disputed or difficult issues amicably and in a timely manner.

Coordinator fees are paid by the parties.

Registry of Approved Parenting Coordinators

Name Phone Number
Henderson, Penny 360-733-8180
Holtzman, Sandy 360-510-9220
Resnick, Kathryn 360-738-3636
Russell, Sheri 360-255-1666

Policies & Forms