Pavement Management

  • Preserves and maintains the paved road system.
  • Periodic surveys of pavement condition and analysis of pavement life cycles.
  • Assesses overall system performance and costs.
  • Determines alternative strategies and costs necessary to prevent significant road deterioration.
Pavement Management Crew
County Road Log
  • Used to compute estimated road replacement costs for fuel tax allocation.
  • Analysis and compilation of roadway data (geometric, structural, traffic and collision data)
  • Prioritized to use in developing the annual and 6 year transportation improvement program.

Yearly Road Maintenance

  • Assists Whatcom County Public Works Maintenance and Operations Division with their yearly road maintenance program.
  • Works with the statewide County Road Administration Board who assists with funding issues.


  • Citizen, taxpayer, legal inquiries concerning county road regulations
  • Funding applications
  • Priority array
  • Road log updating and maintenance
  • Traffic accidents record keeping and review
  • Visual surveys of county arterials