Swift Creek

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Swift Creek Information

  • Swift Creek originates on Sumas Mountain.
  • Has a long history of sediment buildup and reduced water flow capacity.
  • A natural landslide has resulted in flooding.
  • Slide sediment is from a unique geologic deposit that contains naturally occurring asbestos.
  • Sediment is also known to contain trace metals including cadmium, cobalt, manganese, and nickel.

Project Update

View the video update about the Swift Creek Sediment Trap construction from fall 2022. 

  1. Health investigation shows no evidence of increased lung disease near Swift Creek/Sumas Mountain

    Periodically, the Washington State Department of Health will check for asbestos-related health issues in people living around Swift Creek and Sumas Mountain. The latest report is out and finds no evidence of increased lung disease. Read on...
  2. Swift Creek Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement Available

    Notice of Availability: Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) Swift Creek Sediment Management Action Plan (SCSMAP) Phase 3 Implementation: Sediment Repository Read on...
  3. Swift Creek Area Neighbors: Prevent Asbestos Dust Exposure During Dry Weather

    Swift Creek and downstream Sumas River carry naturally occurring asbestos from the Sumas Mountain landslide. In dry weather, sediments containing asbestos pose a hazard. Read on...
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Swift Creek

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Swift Creek Sediment Management Action Plan (SCSMAP)

  • The SCSMAP was prepared by Whatcom County Public Works Department on behalf of the Flood Control Zone District (FCZD).  
  • The Plan addresses sedimentation and flooding that result in damage to agricultural, residential, and public assets and have the potential to affect public health.

Swift Creek Sediment Management Action Plan Documents

The following provide background information related to the SCSMAP: