Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee


The Committee provides review and recommendations to the Whatcom County Council and Executive on issues that affect the ongoing operations and infrastructure of ferry service to Lummi Island. The Committee also provides a forum for those who depend upon Lummi Island ferry service to voice their ideas and concerns about the ferry service.


  • In-person only meetings are generally held the second Wednesday of each month, 6:00 p.m. at the Lummi Island Grange, 2215 N Nugent Rd, Lummi Island. See agendas for more information.
  • Meetings are open to the public. Community members who attend may provide public comment on issues related to ferry issues on Lummi Island. 


The Lummi Island Ferry Advisory Committee (LIFAC) has 7 members appointed by the County Council:

  • Judy Olsen
  • Mike McKenzie
  • James Dickinson
  • Richard Frye
  • Crispin Colburn
  • Todd Lagestee
  • Mary Marshall

Membership Requirements

  •  At least 4 and no more than 5 members are Lummi Island residents or property owners.


Term Information

    • 3 year terms, 2 full term limit, 1 year separation required before applying again


The duties of the LIFAC include advising the County Council or the Executive on the following functions:

  1. Review and provide recommendations on proposed changes to ferry operations and fares
  2. Review at least annually ferry revenue and expenditures, ferry fund balance, and actual versus targeted fare return
  3. Assist the county in collecting information from ferry riders on actual and desired ferry services, concerns, and ideas for improved service
  4. Analyze and develop recommendations to continue and improve the cost effective operation of ferry service to Lummi Island
  5. Research, review, and make recommendations regarding ferry replacement, long-term planning, parking, transportation to and from ferry docks, alternative docking locations, alternative funding sources, and other major capital and operational issues regarding ferry service to Lummi Island