Marine Resource Committee


  • 5 - 7 p.m.
  • The 1st Thursday of the month
  • Meetings are held at the Whatcom County Garden Level Conference Room of the Civic Center Annex at 322 N. Commercial Street, Bellingham unless otherwise noted. The public is always welcome.


Here are the current members of the Marine Resource Committee.  
  • Glen Alexander
  • Rachel Arnold
  • Kurt Baumgarten (Ex officio)
  • Sue Blake (Ex officio)
  • Robert Cecile   
  • Todd Donovan (Council rep)
  • Erika Douglas (Ex officio)
  • Clare Fogelson (Ex officio)
  • Andrew Gamble
  • Pete Granger
  • Eleanor Hines 
  • Elizabeth Kilanowski
  • Renee LaCroix (Ex Officio)
  • Mike MacKay
  • Ryan McLaughlin
  • Kristin Murray
  • Robert Seaman
  • Petur Sim
  • Daniel Sulak
  • Paul Troutman 



  • 3 members with relevant scientific experience
  • 3 members elected officials - 1 each from the county, Blaine, and Bellingham
  • 3 members with economic interest (provided that commercial fishing is represented)
  • 2 members with recreational interest (provided that sport fishers are represented)
  • 3 members with conservation and environmental interests
  • 2 members who are citizens at large
  • Each recognized tribe shall be offered a seat on the Committee, with the representative to be appointed by the respective tribal authority


  • Note the committee is currently recruiting for applicants to fill several positions that will be opening as of 2/1/20.  For more information, see the Vacancies List 

Term Limit

  • 2 consecutive full terms

Term Length

  • 4 years


The Marine Resource Committee, guided by sound science and the needs of the Northwest Strait marine ecosystem, and consideration for the citizens of Whatcom County, will address local marine issues and recommend remedial action to local authorities. The committee will build awareness of issues, and gather support for remedies.


Date of Formation

  • May 18, 1999

Additional Information

For further information, questions, or comments, please call the Whatcom County Executive Council's Office at 360-778-5200.