Pits & Quarries

The primary responsibilities of the Pits & Quarries Division are:

  • To supply and stockpile materials for road maintenance activities.
  • To provide materials storage areas.
  • To provide staging areas for road projects.

Supplying Materials  

  • Directly affects the Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Division of Public Works.
  • Enables the Maintenance Crew easy access to the necessary rock, pit run gravel, and other materials used to complete road maintenance projects in a timely fashion.
  • This service allows for the least impact on county residents and visitors.
  • Minimal cost to county taxpayers.

Storage Areas

  • Pits provide storage areas for materials purchased for M&O road maintenance use.
  • Staging areas for contracted road construction projects.
  • Security at all hours for pits and quarries is high.

Mining Operations

  • No mining currently occurs at the several pits and quarries located throughout Whatcom County.
  • Currently, there are two active pits, Siper and Abel, permitted for mining pit runs.
  • Private companies are contracted to crush rock and stockpile it at the pits. 

Monitoring for Water Quality

  • Every active pit and quarry is monitored for water quality.
  • Monitoring is undertaken in areas that accumulate stormwater runoff.
  • The Washington Department of Ecology receives quarterly reports on the data.


Tractor in Quarry