Practice Examples

Sustainable Site Planning
  • Is the site serviced by public transportation?
  • Are existing site conditions being protected during the building process?
  • Are native plants utilized to manage water runoff?
Conservation of Materials & Resources
  • Do they have recycled content and/or are they recyclable?
  • Are they resource efficient such as engineered wood products?
  • Is construction waste minimized and then recycled?
Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy
  • Is the heating, cooling, and ventilation system properly sized?
  • Is the duct system sealed and insulated?
  • Will the building be tested for air leakage?
Safeguarding Water & Water Efficiency
  • Are all appliances water-conserving with an Energy Star or other similar certification?
  • Are toilets dual-flush?
  • Is rainwater being collected and used for toilets?
Indoor Environmental Quality
  • Is moisture content of lumber measured prior to enclosure?
  • Does carpet, pad and adhesives meet an accepted 3rd-party certification?
  • Are interior adhesives and sealants low-volatile organic compounds (VOC)?