Other / Special

There are a variety of permitted activities that require inspections, some of which may not be associated with a building permit. Some of these inspections are performed by Building Services inspectors; other inspections are done by appropriately trained personnel from other offices such as, Watershed, Critical Areas, Engineering, or Fire Marshal.

Permitted Activities
The following is a list of permitted activities requiring inspections, and the responsible department or office. For other inspections call 360-778-5900 and ask for the appropriate office.
Activity Responsible Department / Office
Burn Permits
Fire Marshal Office
Critical Areas Mitigation
Critical Areas Office
Encroachment Permit
Engineering Department
Erosion and Sediment Control
Watershed Office
Fire Sprinklers
Fire Marshal Office
Mechanical Permits
Building Services
Mobile Homes
Building Services
Monitored Fire Alarm System
Fire Marshal Office
Plumbing Permits
Building Services