Surface Drainage Management

Drain Pipe

Drainage Surfaces

The Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Surface Drainage Management section ensures that all drainage structures are maintained and in good working condition. This includes:

  • Catch basins
  • Culverts
  • Drainage ditches
  • Manholes

Drainage Section Responsibilities

  • Maintenance of stormwater drainage facilities
  • Managing runoff to prevent flooding, road damage
  • Ditching to establish or re-establish flow lines
  • Installation of temporary soil erosion and sediment control devices
  • Emergency response to flooding
  • Inventory of drainage facilities

 Culverts & Catch Basins

  • Resetting or replacement to meet WDFW fish passage standards
  • Replacement of undersized culverts that restrict flow
  • Annual maintenance for debris removal and cleaning
  • Compliance with state and federal permitting requirements
  • Adherence to "fish windows" during maintenance activities
  • Use of best management practices (BMPs) to maintain fish friendly work areas