Moved Buildings

Premove Inspection

All structures that are moved from one site to another require a premove inspection performed by a Whatcom County Building Inspector or a Washing State licensed Engineer. The premove inspection form may only be obtained from the Planning and Development Office.

Building Permit

Once the premove inspection has been completed and the building has been approved to be moved, you may apply for a building permit to move your structure. A building permit is required to construct a new foundation under an existing or moved building.

Submission Process

You will follow the same submittal process as for a regular building permit with the following changes:
  • Elevation drawings showing all 4 sides of the building (labeled North, East, South, and West).
    • Plans should be 1/4 inches = 1 foot scale.
    • Elevation views are needed to show the shape of the building, height, number of stories, and any covered porches or decks.
  • Provide an as-built roof framing plan that shows how roof loads are/will be transferred to the foundation (i.e. full span trusses or stick framed roof that relies on interior walls for support.)
  • Provide a foundation / as-built floor framing plan.
    • Show perimeter foundation and interior pad or strip footings.
    • Show size and location of access and vents.
  • Provide foundation details for perimeter foundations and all pad footings.
    • Indicate dimensions, reinforcement, mudsills, anchor bolts, post to beam and footing connections.
    • Show floor insulation and vapor barrier.
    • Indicate how the existing floor framing will be positively connected the new foundation at mudsills.
  • The Washington State Energy Code requires installation of R-30 insulation in the floor and 6 milliliters black plastic vapor barrier in the crawl space.
  • Smoke detectors must be installed in accordance with International Residential Code (IRC) 313.1 as well as carbon monoxide detectors in the existing buildings.
  • Depending upon the complexity of the project, additional information may be required.
  • Fees for a premove inspection are $200 base fee up to 1 hour then $100 per hour for each additional hour (UFS#8374).