Moved Buildings

All moved structures require a building permit through Whatcom County Planning and Development Services. 

A Building permit is required to construct a new foundation under an existing or moved building. 

Pre-move Inspection

  1. Pre-move inspections are not required for legally established structure located within Washington State.                                                                                                                                              
  2. All structures that are moved from out of State or out of Country (Canada) require a pre-move inspection performed by a Washington State licensed Engineer. The pre-move inspection form may only be obtained from the Planning and Development Office.
  3. Once the pre-move inspection has been completed and the building has been approved to be moved, you may apply for a building permit to move your structure.

Building Permit

  1. You will follow the same submittal process as for a regular building permit with the following changes to the required plan submittal: follow link to Building permit requirements

Submission Process

  • Elevation drawings showing all 4 sides of the building (labeled North, East, South, and West).
    • Plans should be 1/4 inches = 1 foot scale.
    • Elevation views are needed to show the shape of the building, height, number of stories, and any covered porches or decks.
    • Pictures of all 4 sides may be submitted in lieu of drawings
  • Provide verification of roof framing as “engineered trusses” or “stick framed roof” so it can be determined how roof loads are/will be transferred to the foundation (i.e. full span trusses or stick framed roof that relies on interior walls for support.)
  • Provide an as-built floor framing plan.
  • Provide an as-built foundation plan and a new foundation plan
    • Show perimeter foundation and interior pad or strip footings.
    • Show size and location of access and vents.
  • Provide new foundation details for perimeter foundations and all pad footings.
    • Indicate dimensions, reinforcement, mudsills, anchor bolts, post to beam and footing connections.
    • Show floor insulation and vapor barrier.
    • Indicate how the existing floor framing will be positively connected to the new foundation at mudsills.
  • The Washington State Energy Code requires installation of R-30 insulation in the floor and 6 milliliters black plastic vapor barrier in the crawl space.
  • Smoke detectors must be installed in accordance with International Residential Code (IRC) 313.1 as well as carbon monoxide detectors in the existing buildings.
  • Depending upon the complexity of the project, additional information may be required. (I.E. if the structure has to be cut into multiple sections to be moved)
  • If the interior is to be remodeled or there will be additions to the moved structure, additional permits may be required.