Lake Whatcom Reconveyance

With the adoption of the Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve & Lake Whatcom Park Recreational Trail Plan by the Whatcom County Council in the fall of 2016, trail planning in the "Lake Whatcom Reconveyance" is now complete. The plan outlines 90 new miles of multi-use and single-use non-motorized recreational trail to be built in the coming years.

Now that the plan is complete, Whatcom County Parks & Recreation has transitioned to the trail development phase of this project.  In 2017, approximately 2 miles of the new foot and bike trail will be constructed at Lake Whatcom Park.  In 2018, approximately 6 miles of new trail will be constructed at Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve. 

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The Reconveyance lands are envisioned to provide non-motorized recreation opportunities with hiking, biking and horseback riding trails connecting the various communities, neighborhoods and parks throughout the watershed. Under County ownership, the forests will be allowed to mature to an older growth environment benefiting the watershed and helping to stabilize the many steep slopes that surround the lake.

Trail planning is now complete for Lookout Mountain Forest Preserve and Lake Whatcom Park. Click here for current trail development project status.

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