Report a Code Violation

Form Submission

To report suspected code violations you can submit a Code Violation Investigation request with our convenient online web form or you can complete the Code Enforcement Investigation Request Form (PDF) and return it to our office.

Forms are also available from the Planning and Development Services Office, by mail, or by fax by calling 360-778-5900.


For assistance in finding the address and/or parcel number of the violation, please visit the County Assessor’s page or county mapping data.


We will not accept anonymous complaints unless a violation involves an immediate life/safety threat. However, you may request confidentiality on the Code Enforcement Investigation Request form as allowed by law and pursuant to Whatcom County policy.


After you turn in the Code Enforcement Investigation Request form, please feel free to contact the Code Enforcement office for periodic updates on the status of your inquiry. Staff generally will not contact you unless they have questions regarding the case.

Please note that response times to complaints are based on the severity of the violation and current staff caseloads. While staff is committed to addressing every active case, they are also charged to prioritize the cases - how we process code violations. Further, we cannot enforce nuisances or civil matters.


Please note that the Code Enforcement Office does not consist of emergency responders. For emergencies requiring medical, fire, or police response, please call 911.