Flood Hazard Reduction Program

Property on Marine Drive that experienced repetitive flooding before and after acquisition project.

Flood hazard reduction means taking action and making on-the-ground changes that reduce the chances that flood waters cause property damage or harm.  We can reduce the likelihood of harm occurring but not eliminate flood risks entirely. 

Flood Hazard Reduction Program Goals

  • Implement projects that reduce future flood damages
  • Minimize expenditures to repair damaged areas
  • Characterize flood problems
  • Evaluate alternatives to solve problems

Flood Hazard Reduction Program Project Examples

  • Construction of setback levees and overflow spillways
  • Designation of overflow corridors in over-bank areas
  • Acquisition of properties with repetitive flooding

Flood Hazard Reduction Project Benefits

  • Problems are not transferred to another location within the basin. 
  • Project implementation will result in long-term reduction in flood damages.
  • Reduction in public expenditures throughout the basin.

Floodplains by Design Program Goals

  • Reduce flood hazards
  • Improve habitat 
  • Increase the resiliency of our rural communities
  • Support a viable agricultural economy  

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