Repair & Maintenance Program

Emergency Repairs from the November 2021 Floods

Preemptive Maintenance

Weather events and storms often cause erosion to our rivers, streams, and coastlines. Levees and bank protection projects are damaged. Flood damages and the cost of repairs to infrastructure can increase dramatically if left unchecked. Whatcom County Public Works Department administers the Flood Control Repair and Maintenance Program to mitigate future flood damages in a proactive and cost-effective manner. The photos at right demonstrate the bioengineered bank stabilization project on the Nooksack River near Ferndale.

Prioritizing Projects

  • The program includes cost-sharing with local sponsors.
  • Local sponsors are diking districts, sub-flood control zones, drainage districts, or property owners.
  • Project applications are solicited once a year and are prioritized by subcommittee of the Flood Control Zone District Advisory Committee.
  • The subcommittee evaluates risks, benefits, and costs of a project.
  • Those directly benefiting from the project must show evidence of efforts previously taken.

Bank Stabilization

Bank Stabalization
Two Years After Construction