Fire System Permits

General Application

The Fire Marshal’s Office issues several different construction permits for fire related systems. To apply for a Fire System Construction Permit (PDF) you need to fill out a fire system application form and submit the needed documents for review to [email protected]  

No fees need to be included with the application. Fees will be collected when the permit is ready to issue.

Construction Permits required per the International Fire Code, Chapter 1, Section 105.7 are:

Automatic fire-extinguisher systems
Battery systems
Compressed gases
Cryogenic fluids
Emergency responder radio coverage systems
Fire alarm and detection systems
Fire pumps and related equipment
Fireworks stands and fireworks shows
Flammable and combustible liquids
Fuel cell power systems
Gas detection systems
Gate and barricades across fire apparatus access roads
Hazardous materials
High piled combustible storage
Industrial ovens
LP gas
Motor vehicle repair rooms and booths
Plant extraction systems
Private fire hydrants
Smoke control or smoke exhaust systems

Additional Documents Required

In addition to the completed application, include the following for each type of permit:

Sprinkler Systems

  • 1 set of plans stamped by a Washington Licensed Sprinkler designer
  • 1 set of cut sheets
  • 1 set of hydraulic calculations

Underground Fire Lines

  • 1 set of plans showing the underground lines (including FDC lines)
  • 1 copy of the contractor’s Underground certificate

Fire Alarm Systems

  • 1 set of plans showing all devices and panels
  • 1 set of specifications on devices and panels
  • 1 set of battery calculations

Hood Suppression Systems

  • 1 set of drawings showing appliances and nozzle array
  • 1 set of specifications on suppression system

Fire Flow Systems

  • 1 set of drawings showing layout of pump, lines, and hydrant
  • 1 set of specifications for the pump system
  • 1 copy of the hydraulic calculations for system

Underground Storage Tanks

  • 1 copy of site plan that show tank location and any structures
  • 1 copy of the tank removal contractor’s license

Security Gates (Residential & Commercial)

  • 1 copy of site plan showing gate location along driveway
  • 1 copy of gate specifications showing width, height, and any access controls
  • 1 copy of cut sheets for gate controls and emergency vehicle access device (Opticom™, key box with switch inside, direct key switch, etc.)