Technical Assistance

Information Resources
The River and Flood Division provides private citizens and businesses with technical assistance for drainage and flood issues.

Analysis of Flood Data
  • Significant data has been collected from historical flood events.
  • Data is periodically updated as flood events occur.
  • Administrative and technical assistance is provided to flood control, diking, and drainage districts in Whatcom County.

Deer Creek 1 year after planting

Deer Creek 1 Year After Planting

Saar Creek 1 year after planting

Saar Creek 1 Year After Planting
Establishing Special Districts & Systems of Assessment

 Whatcom County River and Flood staff provides assistance in: 
  • Establishing special districts and systems of assessment.
  • Adjusting assessments,
  • Organizing and hosting special district meetings.
  • Monitoring and processing financial business,
  • Applying for permits,
  • Overseeing re-vegetation programs targeted at riparian areas.
Materials & Information
  • River & Flood staff provide maps, photos, studies, and reports that pertain to flood related issues.
  • Staff communicates currently achievable methods to reduce flood damages.
  • Staff provides flood related technical assistance in:
    • planning
    • design
    • prioritization
    • funding
    • research
    • permitting
    • construction
    • regulations
    • inspection.
  • Supervision of development projects is provided.
Technical Assistance to Districts & Public 

  • Ensures that all projects are designed and permitted in accordance with regulations.
  • Consistent with overall plans.
  • Helps entities take measures to protect themselves.
  • Ultimately reduce damages due to flooding and inadequate drainage.
Understanding Flood Hazards
  • Flood hazards in Whatcom County must be clearly conveyed for public awareness.
  • With the necessary information, the public can make/take appropriate decisions, actions, and implementation measures.