Purpose & Roles

The Committee shall serve in an advisory capacity to Whatcom County Health Department staff on all issues related to uses of SHB 2060 and ESSHB 2163, 1359, and other related housing funds and is charged with making recommendations to the Whatcom County Executive regarding the use of these funds. The Committee shall support the development and preservation of affordable, low-income housing to address the critical needs throughout Whatcom County.

Committee Role
The role of the Committee shall be to:
  • Advise on policy decisions that ensure the utilization of funds in a manner consistent with SHB 2060 and ESSHB 2163, 1359 and subsequent legislation related to low-income housing
  • Participate in the review of applications for funding if needed
  • Make recommendations regarding the use of these funds to the Whatcom County Executive and Council
  • Give guidance on the 10 Year Plan to end homelessness
  • Advise on priorities for the distribution of housing related funds based on the 10 Year Plan and relevant sections of county and local government plans addressing low-income housing
Staff Role
Whatcom County Health Department staff, hereafter referred to as staff, will:
  • Provide leadership, strategic planning and program development activities in response to funding availability and the federal, state and local service environment
  • Provide program and contract management responsibilities directly related to the use of housing funds and program planning
  • Act as a resource for the Committee and support its members in the performance of their duties. County staff will keep and distribute Committee meeting minutes
Results / Outcomes Expected
The Committee shall support staff to:
  • Achieve a balance between accountability and the public benefit
  • Employ application, fund distribution and monitoring processes that are efficient, simple, short and easy to understand and in compliance with local and state law
  • Invest in quality projects that are conceptually sound and financially feasible and that respond to identified need and strategic planning within Whatcom County
  • Fund projects and programs that leverage other resources, when appropriate
  • Fund projects that demonstrate coordination with other Whatcom County service providers
  • Fund projects that produce intended results
  • Uniformly and consistently apply policies and procedures