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River Level & Flood Forecasts

Use the links below to check current river levels and forecasts around the region. Click on the symbols in the Nooksack River basin for detailed information at that river gauge location.

Coastal Storm Surge Forecasts

Nooksack River Forecasted Flood Levels

Please note freezing weather may affect river gauges and limit real time data collection. Current and forecasted river levels are linked below for the South Fork Nooksack River at Saxon Bridge, Nooksack River at North Cedarville, and Nooksack River at Ferndale. Click the "Auto Refresh" button above each graph to retrieve the most current information. High water level terms like action, minor, moderate, and major are defined by the National Weather Service. When forecasted flows are predicted to reach near-flood or "action" levels, check weather and flood forecasts frequently and pay attention to any changes in the forecast.