Ongoing Inspections

The Fire Marshal’s Office conducts ongoing inspections of all commercial, industrial and multi-family occupancies on a regular basis. These inspections are to ensure that the needed fire safety equipment and features in these buildings are maintained.

During these inspections we look to work with the building owner to ensure compliance with the fire code.

Request an Inspection
To request an inspection you can call our office at 360-778-5900 or email us.

Common Violations

Some of the most common violations:
  • Alarm system testing not up to date (annual requirement)
  • Blocking of exit doors or aisles
  • Extension cords used in lieu of permanent wiring
  • Fire extinguishers past their annual inspection date
  • Hood system testing not up to date (required every 6 months)
  • Sprinkler system testing not up to date (annual requirement)
  • Use of non-approved multi-plug adapters