Land-Clearing / Commercial

Effective 8:00am Friday July 13, 2018 there is a Burn Ban on residential and commercial open burning. Recreation Fires are still allowed with certain criteria. Please read the Fire Marshal Press Release for more details.


  • Size: Up to 25 feet by 25 feet pile
  • Information Line: Call 360-778-5900 for inspections and permits
  • Fee: $110 per day
  • 1 pile burning at a time unless permitted otherwise
  • 50 feet from structures, timber, combustibles, and power lines
  • 350 gallon of water, 1.5 inch hose, and pump required at fire
  • Excavator required with operator while burning
  • Fan required to start fire
  • Firebreak between piles must equal size of pile
  • 24 hours a day burning allowed as permitted
  • Must have landowner permission to light all fires