Shellfish Habitat Conservation Areas are all public and private tidelands that have been identified by the Washington Department of Health as being suitable for commercial shellfish growing areas, as well as any recreational harvest areas identified by the Washington State Department of Ecology.

Any area that has been designated as a Shellfish Protection District is also a Shellfish Habitat Conservation Area.
Mussel and Clam
Kelp & Eelgrass Beds, Pacific Herring Spawning Areas
Eelgrass beds may be found along much of Whatcom County’s marine shorelines, particularly near Point Roberts, Drayton Harbor, Birch Bay, Lummi Bay, and around Portage Island. Kelp forests and eelgrass beds provide forage, spawning and refuge areas for a number of marine species, including waterfowl, crab, snails, shrimp, and the Pacific Herring, an important local forage fish.

Preservation of kelp and eelgrass beds also serves to protect local beaches from erosion by softening the force of waves against the shoreline.