General Standards

  • Wetland Mitigation Banking - Provides flexibility for property owners by including a process to allow compensation for critical area impacts within mitigation banks in Whatcom County. Includes a public review process and special requirements if banking is proposed on agricultural lands.
  • Channel Migration Zones - Prohibits development of new permanent structures within channel migration zones (the area where the watercourse migrates). Regulations will not be applied until channel migration zones (CMZs) have been formally identified and no CMZs have been identified at this time.
  • Chuckanut Corridor - Identifies a wildlife corridor extending from the marine waters to the National Forest boundary east of Chuckanut Mountain. This corridor is the last remaining area in the Puget Trough where the natural land cover of the Cascades extends to the marine shoreline.
  • Improved Farm Plans - Continues farm plan (CPAL) provisions to limit the economic impact of the CAO on agricultural activities in Whatcom County while providing equal protection of critical areas. Provides clear direction and clarifies roles and responsibilities between applicants, the Whatcom Conservation District, consultants and County staff. Allows better oversight and adaptive management of the farm plan program.
  • Watershed Based Management Plans - Allows landowners in designated watersheds to develop their own comprehensive resource management plans as an alternative method of achieving environmental objectives (e.g. The Bertrand Creek Comprehensive Irrigation District Management Plan).