Legal Financial Obligations

** If your case is a Municipal or District Court matter, please contact that Court **


Legal Financial Obligations (LFOs)

Restitution and LFO fines may now be paid by debit/credit card. You MUST provide your case number and will be asked for it to verify your transaction. If you do not know your case number you can find it here.
Payments can be made online, in person, over the phone, or by mail.
By Phone: Call 360-592-6065 to make a payment by phone using a credit or debit card. The agent will ask you questions, including your case number.
By Mail: The Court cannot accept personal checks, only money orders and cashiers checks. Please be sure to include your case number on the money order to insure proper crediting to your case. Then mail your payment to Whatcom County Superior Court, 311 Grand Avenue, Suite 301, Bellingham WA 98225
In Person: Feel free to stop by the Clerk’s office anytime between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm. We are located on the third floor of the Courthouse at 311 Grand Avenue.
Voluntary Wage Assignment: Talk to your employer about signing up for Voluntary Wage Assignment to have your employer withhold the amount indicated on the document and then forward those funds to the Court.
Online: You have two choices for online payments

Point & Pay: You will be charge 5% or a minimum of $2 for Credit Card/ $1 for Debit Card depending on the amount you are paying. Please use the "Fines and Restitution" option under payment type.

NCourt: You will be charged a minimum of $3.99 or up to 7% for credit and debit cards. 

Contact Us

  1. Legal Financial Obligations Clerk
    311 Grand Avenue
    Suite 301
    Bellingham, WA 98225
    Map (PDF)

    Phone: 360-778-5619
    Email: [email protected]


Change of Address/Phone Number

Under a Judgment & Sentence you are required to keep the court informed of your mailing address until all LFOs are paid in full. If you need to change your address with the Court, please email or call #360-778-5619 with your full name, date of birth, case number, and your new phone number and/or mailing address. Your phone number is important if there are any questions about the information you have left.

Important Information Re: State vs Blake

On February 25, 2021, the Washington State Supreme Court decided State v Blake, No. 968373-0, 481 P.3d 521 (2021).  For more information please follow this link: Blake Relief Request. If you already have an order authorizing the refund or reallocation of funds, signed by a Superior Court Judge, please call the LFO Clerk (360-778-5619) to have your name added to the Refund List. If you do not have a signed order, follow the above hyper link to start the process.  Your patience is appreciated.

Important Information After LFOs Are Paid In Full

Felony: The Certificate & Order of Discharge is an important document. It starts a 5 or 10 year "clock", after which you may petition the Court to vacate your conviction and possibly seal your case. It can only be issued once the LFOs are paid in full and you have completed all of the obligations under the Judgment & Sentence, including DOC supervision and/or treatment. The Certificate & Order of Discharge restores all of your rights, except for firearm rights. You will need a separate civil action to restore your firearm rights. 

**When able, the Collections Clerk will issue the Certificate & Order of Discharge automatically if she/he is aware that the final payment has been made in your case. When you make your final payment, please email or call and leave the Clerk a message with your full name, phone number, case number and that you have made your final payment. IF the Clerk is unable to issue the Certificate & Order of Discharge, your phone number will be important in order for them to contact you. 

Packets Regarding LFOs

Please select the underlined packet title to download. Follow the instructions carefully! Especially as it pertains to giving notice to any involved parties. When you have filled out all your paperwork, contact the Collections Clerk (phone number and/or email is in the "Contact Us" box above) to schedule an appointment to finalize and file your paperwork. Appointments can generally be made Tuesday through Friday between 1:00 and 3:00.

Removing a Case From Collections: This packet is used to petition the Court to remove a case from collection with AllianceOne. A hearing is required. 

Petition to Waive Interest: This packet is used to petition the Court to waive any remaining LFO interest and/or Restitution interest in criminal matters once the principal has been paid in full. The Collections Clerk can waive half of the LFO interest without a Court hearing, but not Restitution interest. Only a Judge can waive all LFO and Restitution interest, and a hearing is required.

Petition to Reduce/Remit LFOs: This packet is used to petition the Court to reduce or remove legal financial obligations based on your financial status. 

Petition for Certificate & Order of Discharge: This packet is used to petition the Court to issue a Certificate & Order of Discharge in your case based on completion of all obligations, including payment of fines and fees.