No Net Loss
No net loss of ecological function is the environmental protection standard that local shoreline management programs must achieve. This standard is to be accomplished through:
  • Shoreline Management Program (SMP) regulations, including evaluation of reasonably foreseeable “cumulative impacts” to shoreline functions resulting from development allowed by the SMP
  • Individual permit decisions over time
Restoration improve shoreline ecological functions over time through:
  • Completion of functions
  • Completion of voluntary actions
  • Coordination with existing or likely restoration projects, programs and funding sources that contribute to restoration
  • Identification of potential restoration opportunities
  • Identification of shoreline areas with existing degraded
  • Preparation of a comprehensive strategy ensuring local restoration objectives are met over time as a result of nonregulatory
Vegetation Conservation
SMP standards must conserve sufficient shoreline vegetation to protect and maintain shoreline functions over time.

Public Access & Recreation
Public access and recreation preserves the public’s opportunity to enjoy the physical and aesthetic qualities of shorelines of the state to the greatest extent feasible.

Shoreline Modification

Jurisdictions are to limit modifications in number and extent and it should only be allowed where need is demonstrated. Preference is given to modifications that utilize soft solutions and have less impact on shoreline ecological functions. Mitigation is to be required for identified impacts. Impacts include:
  • For water-dependent uses, stabilization measures are only allowed with a demonstrated need
  • New development on steep slopes must be set back sufficiently
  • New subdivisions must demonstrate that shoreline stabilization and flood hazard reduction measures will not be required for the life of the development
  • Repair and maintenance of existing structures is allowed
Nonconforming Uses
Nonconforming uses include lawfully established development, uses and structures that predate the initial adoption of the Shoreline Program and/or any subsequent amendments and no longer conform to shoreline regulations.

The SMP includes clearer provisions for non-conforming uses and development, allowing for continued equitable use. Additionally, new provisions have been added to allow for the development of non-conforming lots that were lawfully created prior to the adoption of the SMP.