Noxious Weed Program


The main objective of Whatcom County's Noxious Weed Program is to ensure that landowners control noxious weeds on their properties, as required by Chapter 17.10 RCW. Landowners are advised through the mail of impending visits by the compliance inspector. They are advised in person and/or by mail of the presence of weeds and the requirement for control.

If landowners do not control the plants, the weed board has the option to hire a contractor to do the work (the contractor being paid by the weed board) and bill the landowner for the work. If the bill is not paid, a lien is placed on the property. Landowners are advised of enforcement activities through certified mail.

The majority of landowners make at least some attempt to manage their weed problems.

Outreach & Assistance

We provide education through different venues, including educational presentations, site visits, video and public service announcements. Please view our Resources  and our Publications page for more information.

Looking for Information on How to Manage or Identify a Specific Weed?
Please visit our Noxious Weed Fact Sheets page. You can also give our office a call at 360-778-6234

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