Presentations & Community Activities

Noxious Weed Program activities include educational presentations and displays, educational materials, site consultations for weed and poisonous plants identification and management, and community weed pulling projects. Throughout the county, we work with all landowners, from federal and state agencies to local municipalities and private individuals, to prevent the spread of noxious weeds.

For the Kids

Our mascot Lucy Loosestrife has visited various community events both locally and around Washington State. View Lucy's Coloring Pages here (PDF) and here (PDF) and learn why such a pretty plant can also be such an invasive weed! Puzzled by invasive plants? Fill out a Weedy Word Search puzzle (PDF) online.
Mascot Lucy Loosestrife

Weed Wrench Loan Program

Have Scotch Broom? The Noxious Weed Board has a loan program for specialized tools called the Weed Wrench™, the Extractigator™ and the Uprooter™. Landowners in Whatcom County may borrow these tools for a week at a time at no cost. The tools are especially useful in removing scotch broom plants, but can also be used on small trees or other woody plants such as Himalayan blackberry and spurge laurel.

If you would like to try out a Weed Wrench or Extractigator, please call the Weed Board office at 360-778-6234 to reserve one for pick up.


Weed Wrench Being Used to Remove Scotch Broom

Video and Public Service Announcements

We provide education through use of video in public service announcements and full length features. You will be able to view these here 

Knotweed is a Serious Local Threat