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Posted on: August 4, 2021

How to calculate Lummi Island ferry fares for motor homes and similar recreational vehicles

Summertime means travel time, and we want to take a moment to remind our ferry riders of the fare policy for buses, recreational vehicles, travel trailers, and motorhomes.

  • If you drive a recreational vehicle, bus, or motorhome, your vehicle’s fare is calculated based on total length, measured in feet. 
  • The length includes anything hanging off your vehicle, like a trailer, goose neck tow hitch, or a bike rack.
  • The fare for the driver and anyone else in the vehicle is calculated separately using the pedestrian/passenger rate. 

Not sure if your vehicle is considered recreational? Check the registration. If the registration calls the vehicle a bus/non school bus, recreational vehicle, travel trailer, or similar classification, then the vehicle’s ferry fare is calculated as referenced above. 


  1. Example #1:
    • A customer brings a RV on the ferry that is 22 feet long and has a driver and 2 passengers over 18. The RV charge is $39 and the three adults over 18 are charged $24. Total fare is $63.
  2. Example #2:
    • A customer brings a 15-foot-long minibus on the ferry. It has a driver and nine passengers over the age of 18. The RV charge is $21 for the minibus, and $80 for the driver and nine adult passengers. Total fare is $101.

For more information, view the fare sheet.

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