Posted on: February 2, 2022

Appraisers from the Assessor’s Office are beginning field inspections

Appraisers from the Assessor’s Office are beginning field inspections. The current annual inspection area for revaluation in 2022, is Cycle Area 1 (see revaluation inspection areas webpage). Every year 1/6th of the properties in the county are inspected, and the remaining 5/6th of the county properties are statistically revalued. The 2022 inspection area is west of Olson Rd/ Custer School Rd, north of Slater Rd; including Blaine, Birch Bay, Point Whitehorn, Cherry Point, and Point Roberts.

Inspections are of the exterior of buildings only. If an appraiser needs to be out of their vehicle, they will wear masks and maintain physical distance at all times during inspections. Inspections include taking pictures, and may include an exterior walk-around and/or verification of building dimensions. Appraisers drive white vehicles with the county emblem, have orange vests, and carry identification. Though our office is currently closed to the public, the staff is working and can be reached via mail, phone, or email. Please call 360-778-5050 with any questions or concerns.

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