Posted on: September 1, 2023



Whatcom Ready” to offer preparedness information

Whatcom County, WA - Local professionals and volunteers who respond to emergencies – from fires to flooding – prepare year-round to act quickly to lessen the impact of disasters on the people, property, economy and environment of Whatcom County. The rest of us have a vital role to play as well. September is National Preparedness Month. Throughout September, Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office (WCSO) Division Emergency Management (DEM) will share practical ways to prepare for emergencies. These will be offered on and Whatcom Ready’s Facebook and X (Twitter) accounts.

 In a natural disaster or widespread emergency, the County must respond to the needs of more than 200,000 residents spread over hundreds of square miles. It could be hours or several days before help arrives in some areas. That means it’s essential for you to be prepared and able to help those around you.

 During September Emergency Preparedness Month, Whatcom Ready will share information that can help you be ready, such as:

  • is the County’s site for emergency preparedness and response information
  • How to sign up for emergency notifications
  • The resources to trust
  • What to include in an emergency kit
  • Opportunities for volunteering

“The increasing incidents of emergencies, either natural or manmade, require that first responders and other emergency professionals and volunteers are prepared to respond and support our communities during these disasters,” said Whatcom County Undersheriff Doug Chadwick. “It is also important that community members know what is being done and how they can be better prepared to protect themselves, their families and neighbors. It is our hope that Whatcom Ready can be a one-stop site for residents to find information about current incidents, preparedness and response plans.”


For more information on Whatcom Ready, please contact Whatcom County Sheriff's Office Public Information Officer Deb Slater, 360-778-6615

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