Public Works - Lummi Island Ferry and Roadways

Posted on: October 26, 2023

Parking Enforcement Reminder for Lots on Lummi Island

After a busy summer, the parking lots near the ferry have a number of vehicles that have been left, abandoned, or parked for an extended period. Whatcom County staff will be visiting the Island in the next few weeks to mark and tag vehicles that need to be removed from the parking lots.

This enforcement is necessary for several reasons. Old, abandoned vehicles tend to leak fluids. They also attract unwanted critters. Plus, derelict cars and trailers take up much-needed spaces. If you have a vehicle parked in the lots beyond the time limit, please remove it soon.

A reminder for the parking lot limits:

  • The front parking lot (near the dock and shack) has a 24-hour limit.
  • The back parking lot has a limit of 5 days. Any vehicles, boats, trailers, or RV’s that sit or are left longer than 5 days will be marked for towing.

We understand that sometimes there’s a need to park for an extended period (vacation, work trip, etc.).  In this case, please use the back parking lot. Additionally, please send a message to [email protected] or a text to 360-815-3815. In your message, provide the dates that the vehicle will be in the parking lot and the make and license plate number. A name and contact number are also helpful.

Thank you for your time and effort in following the time limits for each parking lot. We appreciate your help.

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