SEP2017-00088, SEP2017-00093, SEP2017-00101, SEP2017-00105 and SEP2017-00108 Distributions

You are receiving this email as part of a SEPA Distribution.  This email goes out to all agencies, cities and interested parties.

Please check the location of the SEPA listed below. If you are representing an incorporated city it may not pertain to you.
Parcel Number: 380326480070
Address: 2152 Dellesta Drive
SEPA Case Number: SEP2017-00088
SEPA Distribution Packet

Parcel Number:  380325307522

Address: 2335 Northshore Road
SEPA Case Number:  SEP2017-00093
SEPA Distribution Packet

Parcel Number: 390329215100

Address: 664 E. Smith Road
SEPA Case Number:  SEP2017-00101
SEPA Distribution Packet 

Parcel Number:  Side channel of Middle Fork of Nooksack River at Mosquito Lake Road Bridge

Address: N/A
SEPA Case Number:  SEP2017-00105
SEPA Distribution Packet 

Parcel Number:  400507190390

Address: 50xx block of Reese Hill Road (Anderson Lake Road)
SEPA Case Number:  SEP2017-00108
SEPA Distribution Packet 

If you have questions, please contact Planning and Development Services at or call 360-778-5900.

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