Greetings Planning Commissioners and Interested Parties,

The next Planning Commission meeting on November 12th will focus on reviewing suggested revisions to Comprehensive Plan Chapter 11-Environment. Please bring your previous meeting packet with you that contains the original Chapter 11-Environment suggested revisions (in color-coded format). Given the breadth and depth of suggested revisions in Chapter 11, we recommend maintaining the “protocol for review” motion you approved at your October 8th meeting when you initiated review of Chapter 11:

Generally Accept the Following, Unless Specifically Rejected by Motion
Red: Staff Changes
Green: Proposed Changes by Environmental Caucus or ReSources—OK with Staff

Generally Reject the Following, Unless Specifically Approved by Motion
Yellow: Proposed Changes by Environmental Caucus or ReSources—for which Staff is neutral (neither supports nor opposes)
Black: Proposed Changes by Environmental Caucus or ReSources—which Staff opposes

Staff anticipates that following the Planning Commission’s consideration of public comments and final review and recommendations on Chapter 11 at the November 12th meeting, we will prepare a final PC-Recommended 2016 Draft Comp Plan Update package (including PC findings and conclusions) for your official public hearing and final review and recommendations on December 10th. The Comp Plan Update you recommend at the end of that meeting on December 10th will be forwarded to the County Council to begin their deliberations in January 2016.

Mark Personius
Assistant Director

Whatcom County Planning & Development Services
5280 Northwest Drive
Bellingham, WA 98226
P. 360.778.5950

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