What type of road do I have to construct?
It depends on what type of project you are working on, the land use zoning (urban or rural, acreage tracts or not), whether the roadway being accessed is private or public, how many homes are currently accessing the roadway, and the condition of the roadway you will be accessing (gravel, paved, required width). Other considerations are necessary such as the classification of the roadway, drainage, and the width of the ingress / egress (access) easement and/or right-of-way. The requirements of right-of-way, width of pavement and width of shoulders, etc. for urban and rural private and public roads are outlined within the Whatcom County Road Standards - Chapter 5.

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2. There are paint marks / flags on, or near, my property. What do they mean?
3. Why is the county surveying at this location?
4. What are the standards (i.e., width, slope, surfacing) for my driveway / private road?
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9. What type of road do I have to construct?
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17. How can I make comments on the 1 year and 6 year road programs?
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