Where Will the Proposed New Jail be Located?

The County has spent millions, and provided an open and transparent process (EIS, public meetings, Council decisions) in evaluating, deciding and purchasing the Labounty Road property over the last 5-7 years. 

Slater Road is the northern boundary of Bellingham. From many locations in Bellingham the actual drive time to the Labounty site is equal to or less than driving to the downtown jail.  For other county cities, and other law enforcement agencies such as the Washington State Patrol, it is easier and faster to get to the Labounty road site than working their way through downtown Bellingham.  As an added benefit, the design and configuration of the New Jail, with appropriate booking and holding cells, will likely reduce the actual time that officers will need to be at the facility when booking inmates.  

As part of the JFFUA, "The County agrees to provide jail services to facilitate the needs of inmates for Courts appearances at the Courthouse sally port and holding space for all parties during the hours that the facility is staffed and operational for the Courts, unless otherwise agreed upon."

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