What makes Point Roberts different from the rest of Whatcom County?
Providing a high level of solid waste services at the Point is difficult during the best of times. Especially challenging is the community’s small customer base and remote location. These challenges are increased by the downturn in recyclable prices and by the recent dispute over provision of curbside recycling pickup. In order to dispose of garbage and recycling, collection companies must drive through British Columbia, a Province of Canada. Commercial garbage vehicles traveling through Canada to reach Point Roberts and back again are required to go through Customs at 2 borders each way and follow special rules.

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1. Are there other communities in Whatcom County that self-haul?
2. What makes Point Roberts different from the rest of Whatcom County?
3. Who oversees solid waste collection at the Point?
4. What services do state certified collection companies provide?
5. What and where is the Solid Waste Collection District?
6. Don’t we have a “Universal Service” requirement?
7. How many exemptions are there at the Point and how many potential customers?
8. What is a G-Certificate and how does a hauler acquire 1 to be “certified”?
9. Who decides the rates or tariff for curbside collection?
10. When does neighborhood self-haul of garbage and recycling become regulated collection?
11. Is assistance available for self-hauling garbage and recycling?
12. Who operates the Johnson Road Transfer Station?
13. What are the Canadian rules required to haul garbage out of Point Roberts?
14. Is it possible for a Canadian refuse hauler to provide the service, taking the garbage to a Canadian landfill?