What services do state certified collection companies provide?

See the Whatcom County Code, Chapter 8.10, which covers this in detail. It can be found on the County’s website. In this section of the Code, the County Council has established service levels and rate structure principles. 8.10.040 of the Code states:

A. Certified haulers shall perform collection and hauling of garbage from single-family residences that request collection service in unincorporated portions of Whatcom County.

While the County Council has established the level of service as listed in Chapter 8.10, it states under Chapter 8.10.080 that “The Whatcom County council, pursuant to RCW 36.58.040, hereby notifies and requests the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission to carry out and implement the policies and programs specified in this chapter and in the plan in coordination with certificated haulers and common carriers through the Commission’s rate setting and oversight authority.”

In other words, Whatcom County establishes certain service levels within unincorporated areas of the County, while the WUTC ensures that those services are rendered and the costs properly passed on to the rate payers.

Whatcom County Code, Chapter 8.10

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