What type of equipment do I need to operate a temporary food establishment event?

In addition to a hand washing sink, you need to have enough functioning equipment to keep potentially hazardous food at the proper temperature. The outdoor booths must have an overhead cover over storage areas, food preparation, cooking and serving areas. You need walls when it is necessary to protect food and food equipment from the elements.

If you use ice chests ensure you have enough ice to completely submerge food so that it can hold food at 41°F or less. Keep ice chests and refrigerators out of direct sunlight. Equipment must hold food at 135°F or hotter. Sterno chafers are not allowed at events unless the event is indoors and less than four hours. You must have a thermometer to ensure foods are holding properly and are cooked to the proper temperatures.

For more information on setting up and operating temporary food establishments, please see the Checklist for Temporary Food Establishment Operation. 


Checklist for Temporary Food (PDF)

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