How can I find my septic tank?
If you have an as-built tank, locating the septic tank will be easy. If 1 is not available you or your pumper will need to use some investigative skills. If a crawl space is available you may determine where the plumbing leaves the foundation wall and then use a probe bar to find the tank. Use caution as fiberglass or polyethylene tanks can be ruptured with a probe bar. Probing works best if the tank is not more than 1-2 feet under the surface.

If a crawl space is not available, you can sometimes use the plumbing vents located in the roof. A plumbing vent may align with the exit point of the sewer line leading to the septic tank. If these options don't work it may be necessary to use an electronic detection device with a transmitter that can be flushed down the toilet.

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