How can I find the building setbacks for my property?

Building setbacks are found in Chapter 20.80.210 – supplementary requirements of the Whatcom County Zoning Ordinance. Please note that each property may have more restrictive setbacks than those that are stated within the Whatcom County Zoning Ordinance (Chapter 20.80.210). More restrictive setbacks may include fire protection setbacks (which may be stated on the plat that created the lot), landscape buffers (for commercial developments), on-site sewage systems, well protection zones and/or critical areas (i.e. setbacks from shorelines, wetlands and/or geological hazards).

Please contact a Natural Resource Planner at 360-778-5900 to discuss setbacks from critical areas and/or the Whatcom County Health Department at 360-778-6000 to discuss setbacks from septic systems and wells.

Title 20.80.210

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