How is the vaping industry regulated in Washington state?

In Washington, the Liquor and Cannabis Board has regulatory authority over the cannabis industry and vapor product retailers. They have authority over the production and sale of cannabis products. They have less authority over vapor product retailers but do enforce some regulations such as conducting compliance checks to ensure compliance with no-sales-to-minors.

The bigger challenge is around regulating e-cigarettes and nicotine vapor products. Currently, there are few federal or state regulations for e-cigarettes and nicotine vapor products.

  • Starting in 2020, e-cigarette and vapor product manufacturers will need to submit premarket tobacco product applications to the FDA for approval. This should bring more clarity around the ingredients in these products.
  • Until stronger federal regulations are in place, Washington State has taken action to fill in some of the regulatory gaps in state law. Governor Inslee has directed the Department of Health to draft Governor-request legislation for 2020 that would:
    • Ban all flavored vapor products.
    • Require disclosure of vapor product ingredients.
    • Increase regulatory oversight.
    • Limit bulk sales.
    • Expand the educational campaign about vaping.
    • Clarify the Department of Health’s authority in situations like this where there is harm or risk to the public but the specific cause of that harm is unknown.

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