What do other moms say about NFP?

NFP provides so much to babies and their families-from postpartum support to mental health screenings to help with understanding how your baby is developing to just having someone to talk to besides a baby! New moms, and dads, need all the help and socializing they can get, and NFP provides that, as well as someone your baby can grow to know and have a relationship with. Your nurse also becomes a very easily accessible resource for all of the millions of random questions that end up floating around in your brain when you have a new baby!

Whatcom County NFP participant

Many moms say the support of their nurse made a big difference for them. Find more NFP mom stories on the NFP website.

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1. Does Nurse-Family Partnership (NFP) cost anything?
2. How often does my nurse come to visit?
3. What does my nurse support me with?
4. What if I prefer not to meet in my home or I don’t have housing?
5. Can I include my partner, friends or family in my visits?
6. What do other moms say about NFP?