How do I print a map?
  1. Use the Zoom Tool to zoom to the area of interest
    Zoom in Tool
  2. Use the Draw toolset to create arrows or highlights if desired
    Draw Tool
  3. Click on the print icon
    Print Button
  4. In the print options window, create a Title for your Map or use the default name in the Map Title field
  5. Select common layout sizes using the pulldown option
    Print Layout Options
  6. Select the Format “Image” type you want to use (example - PDF, JPG, etc)
    Print format Options
  7. Click print.  The map will appear in as a clickable file you can save to your computer or device
  8. The map will appear in the browser with title, scale etc.  To see the option to save the map, you might have to hover over the top of the browser window until you see the download button.
    Print download button

Advanced Options:  
Select Advanced options and put in a mapping scale and other options you can check on/off.  You can also specify units you want to use for your map.

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